Our Team

Vermont Drone is not some kid or guy with a recently purchased drone.

We have carefully curated this super sophisticated team of the most educated, experienced, talented, and diverse group of professionals we could find in Vermont. Each is extremely passionate about their job, our mission, our commitment to safety, and our unyielding commitment to quality and five star service.

Steve Mermelstein
Founder / Director of Photography

Ben Wiley
Manager of Business Development and Marketing

Tom Stames
Business Development / Remote Pilot

Brian Merrill
Business Development / Safety Officer / Visual Observer

Engineer / Scuba

Safety Officer / Scuba

Remote Pilot / Animation / Custom Drone Fabrication

Remote Pilot / Cinematographer / Editor / Visual Effects / Animation

Marcy Webster
Videographer / Editor

Remote Pilot / Autonomous Programming

Remote Pilot / Safety Officer / Visual Observer

Johnny M
Audio / Safety Officer / Visual Observer

Ben Austin
Voice Actor / Voice Over Talent