Vermont Drone is all about capturing Vermont’s beauty, not only from the ground, but from the air as well.

We are Vermont’s leading Aerial Drone Photography and Cinematography, Documentation, and 2D/3D Photogrammetry and Mapping services provider.

Vermont Drone can help take your marketing to new heights! Literally!

From aerial and ground photography/cinematography, brand/capital advertising, TV production, TV ads, pre-roll internet video ads, residential real estate, commercial real estate, 360° images/videos, product photography, animation/CGI, marketing strategy consulting, content creation, Social Media Marketing, to Visual Media Production.

Vermont Drone Aerial Services

Our team of local, insured FAA licensed Remote Pilots and award-winning Professional Photographers, Cinematographers, and Editors/Colorists work together to exceed all your expectations and needs. Every time.

We’re not some guy with a drone. We’re a full service production and photography company which produces award-winning ground AND aerial photography, cinematography and imagery for all types of marketing collateral, social media, and advertising platforms, even TV.

Steve Mermelstein, Vermont Drone’s Founder and Director of Photography, is a renowned photography workshop instructor and professional photographer with over 32 years of photography and model aircraft/drone flight experience. Staff sponsored by several major camera manufacturers and even named a “Top 50 US Photographer” three years in a row by Samsung USA.

Vermont Drone has been featured in newspapers, TV, and online media. See Vermont Drone In The News!

Residential Real Estate Aerial Photography and Videos

Aerial Photography has quickly become the “new standard” for agents and home sellers as it greatly enhances their perception of the home and property.

Commercial Real Estate Aerial Photography and Videos

Our photos and videos can greatly help increase the odds and speed of leasing or selling a commercial or industrial property.

Vermont Drone Rapid Collection

Vermont Drone Rapid Collection provides outstanding Mapping, Construction, Planning, Documentation, and Agriculture Data Collection to Industrial, Commercial, Agriculture, Telecoms, and Other Sectors.

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