Commercial Real Estate Aerial Photography and Videos

Aerial Photography has quickly become the “new standard” for commercial agents

It is impossible for lessors and buyers to truly understand the size and lay of a property from ground photos. From the air, however, prospective lessors and buyers can see the whole property and where it goes, greatly enhancing their perception of the building and property.

Our photos and videos can greatly help increase the odds and speed of leasing or selling a commercial or industrial property.

Using sweeping shots and elevated angels, we have the ability to highlight the best exterior features of a building and its surroundings.

Our 360° photos and/or video can also take prospective buyers on a virtual tour, encouraging them into making an offer sooner.

Market-savvy commercial sellers and brokers understand the value of Professional Aerial and Ground Photography and Video because of its potential to help sell a property more quickly.

Professional Marketing Photography! NOT ugly “roof inspection” snapshots

Just getting up and over a property isn’t enough. Our professional photographers have decades of experience and know how. We identify the best time of day, optimal lighting, and ideal composition for each photograph in order to make a listing look its most compelling and desirable.

Prospective buyers and lessors often make their decision whether or not to see a building purely based on online listings.

Make your listings stand out using a whole new perspective. A beautiful commercial building doesn’t necessarily translate online until the prospective buyer sees the property from above, showing how beautiful it really is. Whatever the building’s hook is, we’ll provide you with photos and videos to help entice a potential lessor or buyer to contact you for a viewing or maybe even to put in an offer before anyone else can!

Included with all packages:

  • Professional exterior aerial photography by an experienced sUAS Operator and Professional Photographer.
  • Up to 16 high res, tack sharp, edited still image files. Packages typically will include the view of each cardinal and intermediate direction at approximately 100′ Above Ground Level (AGL) and 250′ AGL.
  • Equipment setup, up to two hours of capture per building or site, and equipment breakdown.
  • On time delivery! Photos are delivered to client via Internet download link within seven to fourteen days of capture. Delivery estimates for videos, slideshows, and maps are provided upon request.
  • Free no-branding and no-logo version for MLS.
  • Copyright license granting client completely unlimited and assignable distribution, reproduction, and usage rights.
  • All images and footage is copied to multi-redundant backups and uploaded to several cloud services for off-site data protection.
  • All raw footage and photography, and final videos are archived for at least 60 days after delivery.