Tiny Whooping in Vermont

Welcome to the Tiny Whoop Family!! Vermont Drone and Northern New England Drone User Group are seriously into Tiny Whooping!

We regularly meet for Tiny Whoop races all around Vermont and beyond. If interested please join Northern New England Drone User Group and our Facebook group for announcements and invites.

Beginner Hints, Tips, and Troubleshooting:

  • Plug the battery in only with the quadcopter LEVEL and STILL. The first 30 seconds after the battery is connected, it’s performing a self calibration. If the quadcopter is being moved around at all it won’t calibrate correctly.
  • When you crash into an object immediately throttle down, pick up the quadcopter, and move it away from the object before trying to take off again.
    If you attempt to take off near the object the quadcopter will likely be drawn right back into it because of the vacuum created by the blades. Baseboards are often gathering places for dust and hair, so be sure to check the props for hair/dust balls. See next tip for more info.
  • Regularly pull off the blades and check for hair/dust balls wrapped around the motor shaft. Any hair or dust will cause friction, reduce performance, and will shorten the life of your motors and flight controller. Pull by the center hub, not the blade tips, so you don’t bend them. If props are bent and won’t bend back into place they’ll need to be replaced. Replacement blades are available from us in our Shop.
  • Do not use the trim buttons on the remote! If you believe the quadcopter isn’t responding to your inputs correctly, recalibrate the drone by unplugging the battery and replugging it in while it’s flat on a level surface and try not to move it at all. Remember, it’s performing a self calibration the with the first 30 seconds of the battery being plugged in. Another thing to check is that the frame, motor mounts, and blades are unbent and unbroken. If any parts are bent you could try bending it back into place or purchase replacement parts from us in our Shop.
  • Fully charge batteries before each use. To extend the lifetime of your batteries don’t leave them full charged between uses. It’s best to use them each of them for about 90 seconds so they’re stored at or below 50%.
  • Never charge or use a puffed battery. If the battery should becomes puffed or feels like it’s full of air, it needs to be properly disposed.
    CSWD Drop Offs, Lowes, and Home Depot have special bins for battery recycling. You can avoid puffing batteries by allowing them to cool before use or charging. Also land before the quadcopter automatically cuts off the flight as it might be depleting them to unsafe level.

Tiny Whoop Hints, Tips, and Troubleshooting:

  • If the camera has four wires, the extra two besides the red and black are for the OnScreen Display. Either connect these extra two wires to the Flight Controller board if it supports OSD or short the pads together.
  • Purchase or print a camera bracket or use 3M VHB clear tape (available from Home Depot and Lowes) to attach your camera the Flight Controller board.