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While flying, we’re most frequently asked the following questions.

Can you live broadcast your flight?

Yes, we use the latest in technology and have a live HD video downlink which can be live streamed over a cellular data connection to YouTube, Facebook, and other live broadcast sites. This allows viewers to tune in and watch the flight live from anywhere in the world!

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Are your drones safe?

Yes, as responsible operators safety is our priority. We satisfy or exceed all industry accepted safety standards and procedures.

For example, before each and every flight we thoroughly inspect our drones, as well as all our control and safety equipment. We also perform a detailed preflight checklist to ensure nothing is accidentally overlooked or forgotten.

All our equipment is regularly tested and inspected for faults and defects and receives all service prescribed by the FAA and/or manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule. We only use OEM parts or approved parts that meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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Can they fly in all weather?

As responsible operators, we only operate in conditions which are completely safe for us to fly. We have drones which can operate in nearly any condition except high winds, during rain or heavy snow. We now have several which can even operate in up to 45 MPH winds.

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