Vermont Drone: A respected industry leader with a perfect safety record

Our Founder, Steve Mermelstein, first started equipping model aircraft with cameras back in 1989 and has been providing professional photography and cinematography since 1992. Vermont Drone has grown from what was once a small, two person, photography/production company to become a major industry player.

Training, experience, safety, high quality, value, innovative and reliable technology, and exceptional customer satisfaction are our trademarks.

Training and Experience

We have trained each and every team member all our procedures and stringent standards to ensure they’re able to properly represent us and deliver the highest level of quality possible. We also provide ongoing professional development and training to continuously increase every staff members’ knowledge and hands-on experience.

Each of our pilots and flight team have at least three years of experience, have passed a Federal background check, and received their FAA Remote Pilot Certificate with a small UAS rating (often called a FAA part 107 Certification). Each re-certify bi-annually and hold all other required licenses/certifications. Several also hold additional licenses/certifications and FAA Waivers for flying at night and flying near airports/in controlled airspace.


Many of our team members have decades of experience and some have safely operated various model aircraft and drones as early as 1988! Vermont Drone is extremely proud of its superior experience and perfect safety record:  Zero crashes. Zero accidents. Zero incidents. Zero property damage. Zero injuries. 

This record is maintained thanks to our team’s experience, meticulous risk mitigation, training/practice, and continuing education. Each of our pilots, safety officers, and flight crews frequently perform practice missions and drills together. Each are also constantly tested/evaluated and provided with additional instruction or training to improve their performance and to gain additional experience.

Vermont Drone has developed detailed, and industry-leading, preflight and preventative maintenance and safety procedures.

Our pilots carefully reinspect each aircraft for material fatigue and other problems before each flight. Our strict adherence to our inspection, maintenance, and other safety procedures, greatly exceed all FAA guidelines. We also assign a trained flight Visual Observer/Safety Officer to each and every mission.

All Vermont Drone staff assigned to a mission, plus any other participants, will walk the area to identify and assess potential or existing hazards or risks. A plan is devised to correct, or avoid any hazards, and to mitigate any risks. Before the first flight, everyone will gather again to review the flight plan, risk mitigations, our safety procedures, and go through our safety and pre-flight checklists. All participants are instructed to ask questions, that anyone may request additional assessment or mitigation at any time, and everyone is encouraged to speak up if they ever have any doubts about anything not being “A-OK” or completely safe. They are also told they can do this without any fear of judgment, criticism, or retaliation. Lastly, we confirm each participant fully understands what they and others will be doing, and who is responsible for what. This ensures everyone is on the same page and is fully prepared; No guessing or incorrect assumptions which could break our plans or cause an accident.


Our award-winning photographers/cinematographers are highly experienced and very well respected by their peers. They are consistently lavished with praise by our customers (and their customers)! We always use the best equipment/gear/tools which are best suited for each job. Each of our photographers takes pride in making, as much as possible, perfect in the camera. Then our professional editors take the media to even higher levels and give it our unique look and coveted WOW factor!

Vermont Drone is consistently rated higher in quality and overall value by our customers. Our quality control procedures assure that all deliverables have been properly prepared and edited and each is inspected by a supervisor before delivery to ensure it meets our stringent standards.


We are always at the leading edge of rapidly changing technology; and continue to develop new training and procedures to increase our flexibility and convenience for our customers at competitive prices. As a result of this unceasing pursuit to exceed customer expectations, we are often imitated but never ever equalled.

Innovative and Reliable Technology

Vermont Drone’s Founder, Steve Mermelstein, is recognized for his expertise in small Unmanned Aerial System, aerial photography and cinematography drones, cameras, and innovative unmanned projects. He has received grants and distinguished industry awards for his innovate model aircraft/drones and photography. The media and press regularly rely on him for his insight and expertise on drones and unmanned aircraft.

As paid consultants, we have participated in the development and pre-production testing of drones, software, and cameras from several major brands and top manufacturers and even been responsible for the addition or improvement of many features. Steve also invented several key new features and proposed tens of dozens of other refinements and bug fixes to the most award-winning mirrorless camera ever.

We only use rigorously tested, proven reliable, equipment and drones on jobs and perform all routine and preventive maintenance to meet or exceed the manufacturers recommendations.

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

We make it our business to know the needs of our customers and satisfy or exceed their expectations.

Our Business Development Managers set the standard for excellence in customer care throughout the industry. We believe customer satisfaction is crucial. As a result, we have the highest customer retention rates in the industry!

Our Philosophy

Vermont Drone is all about capturing Vermont’s beauty, not only from the ground, but from the air as well.

  • We use cameras and drones to make art or to help the public and environment.
  • We operate in full compliance with all federal and state laws. We also voluntarily comply with FAA Advisory Circular 91-57 and FAA Regulation 91.13 as specified by the NTSB.
  • We only operate our equipment in a safe, responsible, and competent manner that does not threaten anyone’s safety, person, or privacy.

Our Pledge

  • We don’t use drones for surveillance, snooping, or hunting.
  • We don’t use drones to make photographs or videos of recognizable persons or individuals without their expressed permission.
  • Our operators don’t fly beyond visual line of sight.
  • We always notify and fly in cooperation with Air Traffic Control and local airport management.
  • We don’t fly our drones more than 400-feet above ground level or near manned aircraft.
  • We never operate in a careless or reckless manner.