About Steve Mermelstein

“In Vermont, beauty can be found in almost every direction. You only need to open your eyes. If you’re not seeing it, just turn your head. But, from the sky, it’s even more apparent and beautiful. With the use of a drone, you have a birds-eye view, and flying one in Vermont is like nothing else. It’s breathtaking and unequaled.” – Steve Mermelstein

Steve Mermelstein, is a photography workshop instructor, award-winning commercial, event, and aerial photographer, naturalist, birder and nature lover based in South Burlington, Vermont.

Steve has spent all of his free time shooting landscapes and wildlife across New England but mainly in Vermont. Steve has visited all of Vermont’s 251 towns and cities and explored nearly every road and back road across the state. His photography and cinematography have been licensed to TV networks and stations, movie studios, news programs, newspapers, magazines, publishers, small businesses, large corporations, and nonprofits and have also been published in books, brochures, advertisements, websites, corporate materials, and corporate reports.

Samsung USA named Steve one of the Top 50 US Photographers in 2013, 2014, and 2015 and is contracted as a Samsung Imagelogger, a sponsored staff photographer.

As soon as technology allowed, Steve started experimenting with quadcopters and drones to further explore his love for photography in Vermont’s unique environment. Steve has been a responsible model aircraft pilot since 1989 and continues his perfect safety record as a drone operator. He sees drones quickly becoming an indispensable photography tool that is as ubiquitous as tripods and monopods.

Steve is recognized for his expertise in small Unmanned Aerial Systems, aerial photography, cinematography drones, search and rescue, and innovative unmanned projects. He has received grants and distinguished industry awards. The media and press regularly rely on him for his insight and expertise on drones and unmanned aircraft.

All of Steve’s Images and Videos on this site are available for purchase or license. Steve also has an extensive Image and Video collection of iconic Vermont and New England landscapes, people, places, and wildlife, in every season. Please contact us for exclusive or nonexclusive licensing terms and/or purchase information. We also welcome inquiries for images or videos of specific places and wildlife in Vermont or New England.

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