Where can I buy a drone?

Before buying a drone, please get and practice with a smaller toy drone first. Without this experience, you’re endangering yourself and others as crashes are guaranteed.

We sell several inexpensive (under $50) great practice/training drones in our shop that can take most crashes like a champ. Spare parts are readily available, and it’s cheap and easy to repair if you should break something. Everything you learn while flying with one of these will directly apply to larger drones.

You will need/want at least four spare batteries, and you can get multipacks from us for about $20-30. Beware, don’t buy a drone or batteries from Amazon or eBay as there are mostly crudely-made counterfeits and fakes on both sites.

Once you have your practice/training drone, fully charge the batteries before use. The drone will calibrate itself as soon as you plug the battery in, so it’s imperative to do a smooth and steady fight on a flat and level surface without tilting or moving the drone. That in itself can be a little tricky, and at first, it might take a dozen or more attempts to finally get it right.

Practice with it inside at first and later outdoors (on a calm day) up to 20ft high. Never go higher as they’ll get caught in winds, you don’t feel on the ground, and it’ll be the last time you see it. Start flying close to yourself (10′ max) and slowly increase the distance you go as you gain experience. Try to stay away from walls and the ceiling as it’ll be drawn to them, sucking itself into any surface.

You’ll need to learn how to fly without accidentally bumping or crashing into objects, hitting the floor/ground, or being sucked into walls or the ceiling. Once you can easily fly between things like multiple objects while maintaining orientation control (knowing which way it’s pointing/going at a distance), you’re ready to risk flying the more expensive drones. We’ve found that flying with confidence and skill takes at least 10-30 hours of flight time rather than luck. Few can bring to it quicker than others, but don’t rush it, and don’t get overconfident! It does take this amount of practice to avoid costly crashes.

Once you’re ready for something better, you might want to get a FPV Racing Drone or a Photography Drone.

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