Vermont Drone Data Collection

Vermont Drone provides outstanding Data Collection for Mapping, Construction, Planning, Documentation, and Agriculture Data Collection to Industrial, Commercial, Agriculture, Telecoms, and Other Sectors.

We can rapidly provide video, photography, 2D/3D photogrammetry maps, and other aerial data collection for assessment, business proposals, grant applications, marketing, permitting, town planning and zoning, public meetings, and town meetings.

Our state-of-the-art drones can also be flown above or below structures and provide high-resolution live views, photos, or video that can help in decision-making.

Our drones are equipped with high-resolution optical and/or IR cameras for highly detailed and sharp results.

Our assets can be utilized for:

  • 2D/3D Photogrammetry and Mapping
    • Algae Bloom Documentation
      Visual documentation of cyanobacteria (also known as blue-green algae). Although blue-green algae play an important role in a body of water’s ecosystem, there are occasions that need to be monitored and managed. Vermont Drone can assist in video and photogrammetry of algae blooms.
    • Compliance
    • Damage Documentation
      Vermont Drone has the ability to document storm damage, other potential insurance claims, and insurance adjustment.
    • Erosion
      Field documentation of existing conditions to assist in ensuring compliance with state and federal guidelines.
    • Environmental Documentation
    • Geotechnical Data Collection for Geotechnical Asset Management
    • Landslide Risk Management
    • Permitting
    • River Ice
    • Runoff
    • Traffic
    • Water Quality
    • Water Contamination
    • Underwater Documentation
  • High-Resolution Photo and/or Video Documentation
    • Asset Documentation
      Vermont Drone is able to provide high-resolution photographs and videos of property located anywhere. From photos and videos for marketing purposes to auditing and documentation. Ensure your property crews and management are performing as contracted and all maintenance is being performed.
    • Documenting Transportation Infrastructure
      Vermont Drone is able to quickly and safely place a camera anywhere in order to collect data and observe/document infrastructure. New England has a vast transportation system and documentation of this system is difficult. Vermont Drone has the capability to rapidly collect data for Government Agencies, including DOTs to small local town public works.
    • Emergency Management and Response
      Vermont Drone has provided data and assets for emergency management plans and emergency training. We are also able to rapidly respond to emergencies and coordinate with Emergency Managers and other emergency responders to collect critical data, photos, videos, and/or other documentation. Live feeds are also available to provide photos, videos, and other critical information without the need for sending personnel into risky or harmful situations.
    • Forensic Engineering Documentation
      Vermont Drone can assist in the documentation of forensic investigation of engineering failures on bridges, roads, and all other types of infrastructure.
    • Live Video Feeds
    • Permitting
    • Search and Rescue
    • Tower Auditing
      Vermont Drone can assist with independent documentation and data collection of assets for Tower Audit and Inspection Reports and Compliance Audits.
    • Visual Documentation
  • Thermal

Covid Update

We have an ironclad commitment to health and safety. Our focus is to keep customers and employees safe, and to continue to deliver outstanding service during these unprecedented times.

Our crews are following all health and safety precautions including frequent hand washing and gear sanitization, plus masks and physical distancing at all times. If employees feel sick, are sick or have any concerns with exposure, they will stay at home.

Wind and other weather conditions limit operational flight days. FAA/ATC coordination may also cause delays in some flight areas. For the fastest service it is important to get in queue and secure a shoot date ASAP. Please Request A Quote to automatically get added to the queue, discuss your project, and obtain pricing.

PLEASE NOTE: Indoor races and practice meetups are suspended. All Workshops are available online. Our retail shop/repair location is temporarily closed.