Vermont Drone Service Shop Terms

  1. Water Damage:

    We do not accept water damaged drones/parts. Once a drone gets wet, you shouldn’t risk flying it again even if dried and it seems “ok.” Unlike a cellphone, you’re putting something in the air. You have a responsibility to make sure it’s safe and reliable. But you can’t ever be sure again due to the unpredictability of water damage and corrosion that might worsen over time.

  2. Drop off or ship:

    The customer is responsible for the drop-off or the shipping of the product to our shop. (More info below.)

  3. Repair/Upgrade/Customization/Build Process:

    1. During the Initial assessment/consultation and/or Initial Diagnosis we will determine whether we believe we can repair/upgrade/customize your drone, but this is not a guarantee. If you drop off/ship your drone and we determine we cannot repair/upgrade/customize it, we will invite you to pick it up or optionally ship it back to you at your cost.
    2. After the Initial Diagnosis we will email you with a labor estimate and an estimated list of parts and shop materials needed to repair your drone. Any parts that we replace we be shipped back alongside your drone.
    3. After an estimate is provided, Customers are required to authorize the repair/upgrades/customizations/build. Authorization must be sent from the email on file before we will proceed with repair/upgrade/customization/build (or to return the product). Repair/upgrade/customize/build authorizations (or return product requests) can only be made by email and cannot be provided over the phone. No exceptions.
    4. Customers will be provided an estimate for any parts and shop materials not included in the initial estimate but needed to complete the job. Additional parts or shop materials needed to complete (under $50 total) will be ordered, installed/used immediately to not delay repair/upgrade/customization/build and will be added to the customer’s bill. Any additional parts and shop materials needed to complete more than $50 will be quoted to the customer. Customer is required to pay the invoice for parts and any additional labor estimated before additional parts/supplies can be ordered or any work continues.
    5. Repair/upgrade/customization/build time estimates only include business days, and do not include any weekends, holidays, or overtime. The clock starts once we confirm your repair approval by email.
    6. We will email you once your repair/upgrade/customization/build is complete (or rejected). We require all items to be paid for and picked up within 7 days of notification of repair/upgrade/customization/build completion (or rejection). If unable to pick them up, you may arrange for the items to be shipped to you at your cost. Any job not paid for in full and/or equipment left past 7 days, without prior written agreement (or Customer approval to dispose of), will incur storage charges ($5 per business day). If the Customer cannot be reached or fails to pick up the equipment within 45 total days, then it will be considered abandoned. Once items are authorized for disposal or considered abandoned, it then becomes the property of Vermont Drone and may be sold, refurbished, parted out, donated to NNEDUG, donated to a charity or students, auctioned, and/or disposed/recycled as electronic waste.
    7. We are not responsible for any cosmetic damage or any other software or hardware failure that may occur while the machine is in our possession during normal use and repair/upgrade/customization/build. We do our best to identify failed components, but other parts may fail or manifest as failed during the repair/upgrade/customization/build process. We will notify the Customer of their options, and the customer is always responsible for this additional cost. Please also see the Battery Policy below.
    8. We take data backup and loss prevention very seriously, however, we are not responsible for any data loss that may occur once an item is checked in for service. Please do not include any memory cards unless advised by us.
    9. We take precautionary steps to protect items left in our care from loss or damage, even during transit between repair locations. The Customer agrees not to hold us liable for loss, theft, or damage.
    10. All repairs/upgrades/customizations/builds are FULLY tested before leaving our shop. Vermont Drone and/or its technicians are not liable for any future crashes or failed parts that may occur after the gear, drone, wing, or multi-rotor has left the shop. All repairs/upgrades/customizations/builds are provided on an “as is” basis without representations or warranties and confer no rights. Use repaired/upgraded/customized/built items at your sole risk.
    11. An IMU and compass calibration will need to be completed by you once a drone is returned. They are necessary whenever a drone is transported any appreciable amount of distance.
  4. Drop off Instructions:

    You’re welcome to drop off your drone at our location at Generator between 10am-9pm, 7 days a week. (Directions/Parking info). If Vermont Drone staff are ‘Out of Office’, there are folding black and blue bins in the cart in front of the Vermont Drone studio. Place your drone, all other parts, undamaged/freshly charged batteries (no batteries in use during a crash and no extras), and the radio control in the bin with a note including your name/number or a printed copy of your Work Order (you will receive a copy by email). Please lower the bin to the floor just behind the gate. Please do not open the gate as an alarm will sound. Several cameras record this area 24/7 but Vermont Drone is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage.

  5. Shipping Instructions:

    If possible and in good shape, please use the original shipping box and case and/or all original shipping boxes/packaging. If it won’t fit due to damage or need a new box/packing, please bring it to FedEx Kinkos or a UPS store for professional packaging and insurance. They should use an appropriate-sized box, seal each item in plastic bags, and use packing foam and/or bubble wrap. Vermont Drone is not responsible for any damage that occurs during shipping or for lost packages. Ship your drone to: “Vermont Drone at Generator, 40 Sears Ln, Burlington, VT 05401”

  6. Batteries Policy and Restrictions:

    We do not repair batteries. Due to the consumable chemical nature and instability of batteries, we are not responsible for any batteries received as they can ‘puff’ or become otherwise usable/unstable at any time. DO NOT SEND ‘puffed’, known damaged batteries, or any batteries in use during a crash. Do not include any extra batteries. We only need what’s required to power your drone and controller. Damaged batteries will be immediately disposed of safely, at your cost. We cannot return damaged batteries to you and we will not replace them, refund them, or credit their cost.

    To follow US DOT, IATA, USPS, and other shipping regulations, we must limit the quantities and capacities of batteries that can be shipped back in one box. Any shipment containing batteries will only be shipped by Ground Service and may incur additional handling and shipping costs as some carriers consider them a Hazard. Stand-alone batteries cannot be shipped via US Mail.