Are you invading my privacy?

No, we’re not invading anyone’s privacy. We only fly our drones in full compliance with privacy laws and all other federal and state laws.

Our drones cannot identify persons from a distance. If you’re inside we definitely can’t see you. Even if you’re outside, you will look like an ant and won’t be identifiable.

We are very ethical, responsible, and respectful operators. Our drones will never be close enough to see through any windows.

Did you know that much more detailed 3D imagery is publicly available on Google Maps (enable Earth view) and Google Street View?

Please also see: Can your drones spy on people? (In short: No, it can’t spy on you or anyone!)

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Covid Update

We have an ironclad commitment to health and safety. Our focus is to keep customers and employees safe, and to continue to deliver outstanding service during these unprecedented times.

Our crews are following all health and safety precautions including frequent hand washing and gear sanitization, plus masks and physical distancing at all times. If employees feel sick, are sick or have any concerns with exposure, they will stay at home.

Wind and other weather conditions limit operational flight days. FAA/ATC coordination may also cause delays in some flight areas. For the fastest service it is important to get in queue and secure a shoot date ASAP. Please Request A Quote to automatically get added to the queue, discuss your project, and obtain pricing.

PLEASE NOTE: Indoor races and practice meetups are suspended. All Workshops are available online. Our retail shop/repair location is temporarily closed.