Expert Testimony for Drone/sUAS Cases and Prosecutions

Consultation, investigation, research and expert testimony on drone-related prosecutions and cases. Including but not limited to: product defects, property damage, personal injury, drone hobbyists, Part 107 and 333 commercial operators, impacts, crashes, fly-aways, prop injuries, other product defect injuries, privacy, negligence, reckless operation, violation of FAA guidelines and/or Community Based Organization Safety Guidelines.

Specializing in drone/sUAS/UAS: risk management, drone design, maintenance, management and operation; safety, staff qualification and training, code compliance, signage, and warnings.

Please contact us if you are representing either plaintiff or defendant positions, and are in need of an drone consultant or expert to:

  • Review discovery documents;
  • Investigate or recreate accident situations;
  • Give deposition or court testimony;
  • Interview witnesses;
  • Instruct attorneys on technical matters related to drones/sUAS/UAS;
  • Search applicable codes, guidelines, requirements, or specifications.