Vermont Airport Model Aircaft/Drone Safety Zones

Please fly responsibly: Follow all FAA advisories and contact the required Airport Operators and Air Traffic Controls before each flight. Also verify all distances and review the latest FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions and FAA UAS advisories and guidance . [FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions VT Map]

When calling Airport Operators/Air Traffic Control, please be polite and courteous. Explain you’ll be flying a model aircraft __ miles from the airport at [a street location, GPS coordinates, a local known landmark, etc]. They might also ask you to describe the aircraft, the maximum Above Ground Level altitude you plan to go, and the aircraft’s wingspan, size, and/or weight. They may or may not ask you for your name but you are not required to give it. If you are okay with giving your name, go ahead. I would suggest providing your name so there’s a record that you complied with rule. Avoid using the word, “drone”. Within 5 miles, it is suggested you ask for and stay under 200-feet AGL. Within 3 miles it is suggested you ask for and stay below 100-feet AGL.

KEY: The outer radius around each airport depicts the 5 mile* zone. The inner (darker) radius depicts the three mile* zone.

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*Radius distances are depicted with an extra .1 mile as a margin for error.